Changing Your Password

From time to time it may become necessary to change your own, or another user's password (if you have admin privileges to do so). Use the password reset form to accomplish this.

NOTE: If you do not see this app in your admin panel, please contact your site administrator to add  the proper permissions to your user or group.

To begin, login to the Ellington Admin (/admin/) from any browser.


Next, select Authentication and Authorizations app from the left column.


Then select users from the fly-out menu.


Search for the usersname, email, or given name in the search box at the top to find your user account. (Or the user account you are wishing to change).


Open the user account by clicking on it in the list. You will be displayed with the "general" tab consisting of the username and the secured password field. Passwords are encrypted and will not be shown to the end user, nor can they be read in anyway. If a password is forgotten, it MUST be reset.

Click the password reset form link that reads "this form" below the password field.


Use the form to type in a new password and verify it. Once you press the "Change Password" button, your new password will be immediately ready to use.



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