Logging into the Admin

Ellington employs a 2 step authentication for security. The first step is a company wide shared login to access the admin. The second step is your individual login to the Ellington admin.

STEP 1: HTTP Auth login is the shared company login. You can reach out to your project manager to obtain this. Navigate to the www.<yoursite.com>/admin. You will be presented with a popup box asking for a username and password. This is usually in the form of your company shortname _admin and a randomly generated password.  For Example:

USERNAME: ellington_admin 
PASSWORD: 0n3d03sn0t$1mplyw@lk1nt0M0rd0r
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Typically if your browser asks you to remember your password here, and you say YES. You will never see this login screen with this browser again and will always be directed straight to the next login. This should be a one time entry unless you clear your browser history and cache and/or switch browsers.

STEP 2: Ellington login is the next login you will be presented with. This login is unique to you and will be supplied by your site administrator.


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