Using the Section Fronts Application

When you create a section, a section front can then be created to order section content. Think of this section front as the front page of a section in a traditional publication. For example, the Sports section front is the front page of the Sports section, with various types of content on it. Section fronts are not limited like traditional print ones are, and can include polls, videos, audio clips, podcasts and rich variety of content. Whenever you desire, you may change a section front to put new content on the front page of a section

You will need to add section front options before you can add section fronts.

You must create a section before working with section fronts.

Adding Section Front Options

  1. Locate the Section Front Options area under the Section Fronts area and click add.
  2. Select the section you are setting options for (in this example, Sports).
  3. Set the pieces you will want to pull in for this section.
  4. Set the number required and the number allowed for each type of content you are pulling in. This will dictate how much you are allowed/required to select later.
  5. You may delete a content type from a section front. Though it is advised never to delete anything from Ellington, this is an exception. Check the box under ‘Delete?’ and click save to remove a content type from the section front.
  6. Click save.

You may pull any type of content into a section front. For example, you can pull News | Stories, Media | Video or any other type of content in the drop down menu under Content Type.

Adding a Section Front

  1. Locate ‘section fronts’ under the section fronts area and click.
  2. Select the Sports section front.
  3. Click Add Section Front.
  4. Set the date/time effective.
  5. Using the magnifying glass icon, select different types of content to pull into the different areas. Depending on what you set in the section front options, different amounts of content will be required for each area. Required content will appear bold.
  6. Click save.

It’s advisable to save new versions of each updated section front you publish by clicking the Save as New button. This practice both gives you a referenceable history of page layouts, and also leaves Ellington a backup page to fall back to in cases where an error may occur on the current section front (deleted stories or stories selected with incorrect publish dates are two error-causing examples).

Section fronts make managing your existing content in Ellington easy. When it is time to change the content on a section front, click on the most recent section front and set the date/time to now (or in the future, if desired) and change the content. Clicking save will automatically change what is displayed when the date/time you set rolls around.

For this reason, we highly recommend you use a section front to dictate your homepage. In the 24/7 news cycle, the ability to place new stories on your homepage as quickly as possible is essential. Section fronts make this a simple process.


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