Making use of Content Federation

The Federation Application builds on the Ellington’s granular permissions framework and was developed to support workflows where one site (the ‘master’ site) has the ability to push content to all the other sites (‘client’ sites) that use the same database. One site is selected as a master site during the implementation of this application. All other sites are treated as client sites. The goal is that client site A will never see things produced by client site B, and vice-versa.

You have two choices for designating a master site. Ellington can create a standalone admin site to act as a master, or you could designate one of your existing public sites to be your ‘master’.

Any superuser can access the master site, which would be either a standalone admin site ( or an ‘aggregator’ type site. Content created through the master site admin will be, by default, designated to all sites and Ellington will flag any content published from here as originating from the master site. Content that “originates” from the master site will be visible, but read-only, in client site admin areas. Client site staff users will see and edit only their own content, and see content where the “originating site” is the master site.


The above imaged displays an example of Content Federation. Content is isolated within a site, and not visible to users who are not explicitly linked to a site.


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