Ellington NITF XML Specification

Ellington supports importing of news stories in industry standard NITF. format. More information can be found via the NITF Web site.

NITF XML Head Elements


Holds metadata about the document as a whole.


Information about specific instance of an item’s publication.


  • date.publication
    • For date object was used. (This element is required) Date/time value normalized to ISO 8601: YYYYMMDDTHHMMSS-HHMM (preferred) YYYYMMDDTHHMMSSZ (alternative). Use YYYYMMDD000000-HHMM when no time is available
  • edition.area
    • Maps to Ellington Story print_edition
  • position.section
    • Named section of a publication where a news object appeared, such as Science, Sports, Weekend, etc. Maps to Ellington Story print_section
  • position.sequence
    • Where a news object appeared among a list of items; often the page number. Maps to Ellington Story print_page
  • issue
    • The name of the issue of the publication where the news object occurred. Examples include June, fall, Olympic Special, year-end, etc.
  • name
    • Title of the publication.
  • type
    • Transport medium, such as print, streaming video or broadcast. [‘print’, ‘audio’, ‘video’, ‘web’, ‘appliance’, ‘other’] (#IMPLIED )


Subject code.



  • tobject.subject.type
    • First-tier subject description. (This attribute is required)
  • tobject.subject.matter
    • Second-tier subject description.
  • tobject.subject.detail
    • Third-tier subject description.


heading text here


Container for main headline and subheadlines.


Story Headline (This element is required)


Story Sub-Headline


Container for byline information. (This element is required)


Human individual.


Given Name


Family Name


Byline title. Often contains an organization.


Container for the story tease. (This element is required)

NITF XML Body Elements


Actual body content. (This element is required) – This will be converted to ellington-story-markup

Only the following tags are allowed: block, p, hl3, table, media, ol, ul, dl, bq, fn, note, pre, and hr.

Table tags are converted to unordered lists because Ellington Story Markup does not support tables.



  • media-type
    • Generalized media object. Used to package up a reference to an image, audio, video, etc. with its caption and credit. (Acceptable types: text, audio, image, video, data, and application)


Text describing media. Often rendered beneath a photo or video.


Byline of media producer. Also used as a credit for the media.


Reference to an external media object, OR to its following media-object. Points to any object, such as photo, audio, video and text; or to executable files.


  • data-location
    • Alternative, though discouraged, way to store ID for external media
  • file.mime-type
    • Mime-type for the external media
  • file.name
    • Alternate name or description of the object.sourceURL or other unique ID for external media
  • file.height
    • Height of the media
  • object.width
    • Width of the media object.

Media files imported via source URLs in <media-reference> that map to assets on a remote media server will not automatically map to /media/img/photos/<year>/<month>/<day>/. A file path matching the source URL will be used (or created). For example, if your source URL is: http://example.com/foo/bar/image.jpg the resulting path in your upload directory will be /media/foo/bar/image.jpg.


Specific name/value pairs that provide information to help map imported story information to Ellington objects.


  • data
    • thumbnail

Sample Document

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <meta name='wkt' content="POINT (-88.5569349 43.9844911)"/>
    <meta name='story-rights' content="legalese talk here"/>
    <meta name="original_url" content="/sports/2009/feb/24/story-headline" />
    <tobject tobject.type="news">
      <tobject.subject tobject.subject.type="Category 1" tobject.subject.refnum="00000001" />
      <tobject.subject tobject.subject.matter="Category 2" tobject.subject.refnum="00000002" />
      <tobject.subject tobject.subject.detail="Category 3" tobject.subject.refnum="00000003" />
    <pubdata type="print"
      position.sequence="1" />
        <hl1>Story Headline</hl1>
        <hl2>Story Sub-Headline</hl2>
        By <person><name.given>John</name.given> <name.family>Smith</name.family></person>
        <byttl>NITF Network News Online</byttl>
        <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec semper sollicitudin quam.
        Vivamus dictum. Sed urna. Nunc neque.</p>
      <media media-type="image">
        <media-reference mime-type="image/jpeg"
        source="http://example.com/media/images/example.jpg" height="185" width="278"/>
        <media-caption>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.</media-caption>
        <media-producer>Joe Photographer</media-producer>
      <media media-type="data">
        <media-metadata name="thumbnail" value="thumbnail.png" />
        <media-reference mime-type="application/pdf" source="document.pdf" name="Title of the Document"/>
        <media-caption>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.</media-caption>
        <media-producer>Joe Photographer</media-producer>
      <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec semper sollicitudin quam.
      Vivamus dictum. Sed urna. Nunc neque. Nulla porta velit luctus tortor tristique lobortis.
      Vivamus at orci. Vestibulum auctor, massa eu tempor lacinia, purus ante sollicitudin nisi,
      sit amet suscipit libero nisi eu arcu. Maecenas nec dolor. Donec a odio sit amet magna
      malesuada molestie.</p>
      <p>Vivamus egestas, nisl vitae vestibulum porttitor, augue pede ultrices libero, a facilisis
      purus lacus vel eros. Integer ligula. Suspendisse ultrices, nulla nec ornare ornare, erat
      leo rutrum purus, vel congue lectus orci feugiat enim. Suspendisse luctus rhoncus sapien.
      Mauris vitae dolor. Proin adipiscing nisl quis libero. Morbi felis.</p>
      <p>Nam gravida eros. Fusce et nunc. Vestibulum volutpat tristique nibh. Donec vitae diam eu
      quam pretium sodales. Mauris eu lectus. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient
      montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Proin ut enim ut tortor ultricies vestibulum. Ut fringilla
      erat a ipsum. Donec dignissim massa sed metus. Morbi nulla ipsum, ultrices ut, semper sed,
      viverra quis, sapien.</p>
      <p>Sed sodales viverra quam. In vitae urna. Nulla tempus tortor a dui. Pellentesque urna.
      Maecenas tincidunt, sapien sed cursus vestibulum, quam enim tempor elit, quis dictum magna
      felis facilisis nisl. Aenean varius velit eu odio. Etiam accumsan elit vel urna. Nulla
      pretium, arcu ut iaculis accumsan, ante nisi rutrum magna, sit amet interdum nisi nisl eu
      lectus. Fusce condimentum lectus quis orci consectetur ornare. Praesent in odio.</p>
      <p>Nunc suscipit. Morbi aliquam leo sit amet felis. Nulla mauris neque, iaculis id, mollis
      sit amet, ornare pulvinar, nunc. Aenean congue velit nec ligula iaculis placerat. Vivamus
      ipsum eros, auctor a, blandit quis, eleifend nec, turpis. Sed laoreet blandit leo. Nunc
      mattis. Quisque lacus est, adipiscing at, adipiscing id, lacinia a, arcu. Pellentesque erat.

Supported Meta Tags

Metadata tags should be placed in the head portion of your document.


As show in the example document above an optional original_url meta tag is supported. If provided the importer will create an automatic redirect from the old path to the new url of the imported story. The value should be the full path component of the url excluding the “http://” and the domain name.

For example:


Should be formatted as:

<meta name="original_url" content="/2010/old/story-url" />

Custom Meta Tags

Custom metadata tags can be included in your xml file. Ellington will use the “name” attribute to match to existing metadata types, or create a new metadata type if no match is found. The “content” attribute will be placed in the metadata content field.

Example: <meta name='wkt' content="POINT (-88.5569349 43.9844911)"/> would appear on a story as a metadata opject:



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