Using The Activity Application

The Activity application is an ongoing log of all user activity on the site as well as a robust notification system for site admins to be alerted and/or kept informed of specific user activity.

Activities Application


To view the log of user site activities, click on the Activities model within the Activity application.

Select the user activity you wish to view in greater detail.

  1. Item detail breadcrumb will outline the username and content item name this activity is associated with.
  2. The attributes for this activity item are separated into tabs, the General tab and the User Activities tab.
    1. The General tab is this specific items attributes (See #3 below).
    2. The User Activities tab is the list of users (if any) that will be or have been notified of this specific activity item.
  3. Activity item's attributes.
    1. Activity Type - Verb relating to the specific type of activity the user performed.
    2. Creation Date - Date/Time of the activity item
    3. Content Type - The type of content item this activity is linked to
    4. Object ID - The internal ID of the content item this activity is linked to
    5. App Label - The name of the app that this activity occurred in.
    6. Module Name - The name of the module inside the app this activity occurred in.
    7. Content URL - The URL of the content item that this activity occurred in.
    8. Content String - The title of the content item that this activity occurred in.
    9. Sites - The site this activity occurred on.
    10. Status - The status of this specific activity item. (Visible, Private or Deleted)

Most of the time, this information will be used for viewing and auditing a user's trail of actions to help you debug user support issues, however, if you need to edit the item in anyway, you can do so here by modifying the values above and then you can Save, Delete or Continue editing this item.

Activity Emails

The Activity Emails model is a list of emails that have been sent to users to help you further diagnose and keep track of who has been notified and for what reason. See below under User Email Digest Preferences for information on how to setup or edit these emails.

Activity Types

In the Activity Types model, you can add or edit the various types of activities that user's can be alerted to. By default Ellington has setup the most common ones for you.

Object Activities

Object Activities lets you keep track of user activities by content type. While this information could be found in the regular activities model, the Object Activities breaks it down and makes it easier to keep track of.

User Email Digest Preferences

Email Digest Preferences can be added for users in this model. This is essentially which subscription alert each user is subscribed to.

User Email Preferences

In the User Email Preferences model, you can setup what actions each user will be notified of.