Using The Debates Application

Ellington’s Debate application allows a newsroom to showcase a debate in a format that is easy to follow and permits the audience to vote on the pundits as they present their arguments. Editors will chose the pundits, input the details of the debate, use pull quotes and create the debate type; such as “Yes,” “No” or “Opening Statement,” “Rebuttal,” and “Closing Statement.” Customize each debate format to fit the type of debates you display on your site.

Creating a Debate

Go to


Debates: Create the Debates in this Model.

Pundits: Add the Names, Bio and Photo of the participants.

Statement Types: Create custom Statement types for specialized debates styles.

Statements: Aggregate list of all statements created in the debates.

Add a Debate

Add Debate

Headline: Name of debate.

Description: Will display on the debate page and list of debates.

Pull Quote: Select a Quote that will display on the debate list page.

Pull quote attributes: Name of pundit supplying the pull quote.

In a list of all debates on your site, the description and pull quote will immediately give a debate snapshot.


Pull Quote
Publication Information

Original Publication: Select publish date.

Update Date: Can add as updates are made.

Slug: Will auto fill based on Headline.

Status: Select Status

Sites: Assign to site(s) of your choice.

Comments: Whether to allow, freeze, disable, or show verified only commenters, see image or app for details of each status.

Add Pundit

First Name and Last Name: They will display under Pundits and Statements, unless display and nicknames are chosen.

Display name: Create the name that will be listed under the Pundit view.

Nickname: the Nickname will display next to each statement by the Pundit.

Biography: Will display in the Pundit view.

Pundit View

Order: The order number will be assigned when saved. Once saved, drag the frame up or down to change the order.

Pundit: Use magnifying icon to search and select the Pundits.

Pull Quote: Select a Quote from the body that best states the message. It will be showcased next to the body.

Body: Input the body of the Statement. Basic HTML can be used.

Type: You can create the Type of responses to showcase your debate such as “Yes,” “No” or “Opening Statement,” “Rebuttal,” and “Closing Statement.” Users will be able to filter through the debate by selecting the Type

Completed Example

Completed Debate


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