Windows WebDAV Setup

You can upload and/or download resources using the WebDAV protocol. WebDAV allows you to transfer files and folders from your local computer to and from your site's Resources or File Drop.

Important: Due to how Windows 8 and 10 establish WebDAV connections, a WebDAV connection using a Windows 8 or 10 network location will not continue to work after you restart your computer - you will need to delete an existing connection and follow the steps below each time you would like to connect to a site's Resources or File Drop.

To establish a persistent WebDAV connection that you can reuse after restarting your computer, we recommend downloading and using a third party tool instead of connecting with a Windows network location. You can find a list of those here.

Access the File Explorer

Select the File Explorer in the taskbar

The File Explorer button looks like a file folder.

Or access the File Explorer from the Start menu.

Select the File Explorer icon in the Start menu.

Right-click on This PC.

Select Add a network location.

Select Next

Choose a custom network location.

Choose a custom network location should be selected by default.  If it is not, select it.

Select Next.

Enter the WebDAV URL (webdav://YOUR_USERNAME:[email protected]/CLIENT_SHORTNAME/photo_upload/?ssl=1)

Replace YOUR_USERNAME and YOUR_PASSWORD with your existing EllingtonCMS username and password, and then replace CLIENT_SHORTNAME with your Ellingtoncms Client Shortname. If you need this info, reach out to your project manager and they can supply it.

Press Next

Name the network location (Optional) and select Next

Select Finish

You can now drag files and folders to and from your computer and the site's folder.

The Ellington Photo Importer runs every minutes on the hour.


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