Using the User Profiles Application

The UserProfiles application contains information about registered users on your site. The data is entered and managed on the Public side by the user.

Via user profiles, which take on much of the functionality of a ‘wall’ in Facebook, users are able to interact with each other publicly by becoming a friend, or just sending a message. In additions, they can add Favorites from the site to their wall, track the comments they have made and the follow the comments of their friends.

Profile Friends

Ellington allows users to interact with each other, befriend, follow commentary and see what event they are attending.

Profile Favorites

Users can visit events placesbandsstories, and photos and add them to their favorites list for easy accessibility. The Favorites are bookmarked here so the user can revisit them. Just click on the link to go to the page!

Profile Contact Info

This feature allows users to contact other users without exchanging personal information. Only user name is passed, no other personal information when the message is sent. Private messages can be monitored by staff members via apps/accounts.


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