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Ellington’s commenting application gives users the option of posting their comments to their Facebook and Twitter pages. This feature utilizes the same Facebook and Twitter API from Ellington’s social registration application.

With the click of a button, users can post their comments to the social media outlet of their choice. All comments posted will include a referring link to the comment on your site.



How to post your comment to Facebook or Twitter

Ellington’s default commenting form includes a “Share your comment” section which will display options for either social media site a user has linked to their Ellington user account.

To post comments to Facebook and Twitter, users need to link their social media accounts to their user-account. This can be done from a user’s “edit your profile” page, users will also see a prompt to connect their Facebook and Twitter directly from their comment form.

After clicking on the “connect a social network” link users are directed to the page where they see buttons to link their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Clicking on the Facebook leads the user to a prompt to log into Facebook and grant your site permission to post.

The same is true for the Twitter button.

Users can disconnect their social media profiles at any time by returning to their

Users can change to different Facebook and Twitter accounts by disconnecting their existing and adding their desired new account.

Once these steps are complete users can now share any discussion they engage in on your site, with their social media sites!

Users can preview the text that will appear by clicking the “preview” button.

Once the message is posted, a notice will appear at the top of the page notifying the users their message has been sent to social media sites.


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