Using the Staff Application

The Staff application contains information about staff members and departments. Staff members are not the same as users in Ellington. Users are accounts for access to the site for commenting, administration, etc. Staff members are separated because not every staff member in an organization needs to be a user. Typically staff members are also users, but to make the assumption that all staff members are users would be limiting to the overall functionality that is gained long term

Departments are classifications of an organization’s structure, and have basic description and contact information attached to them.

Staff members have basic information about them; the person’s name, department, bio, mugshot, a flag for employee status, and contact information. There are also three role based responsibilities; takes photos, writes articles, is on tv. These responsibilities are used to populate certain form fields in Ellington. For example, staff members with the “writes articles” responsibility are listed in the Add Story form for byline selection when adding a story to Ellington. In addition to having all of the staff member information available on staff bio pages, those given credit for writing stories will have the latest ten stories displayed on their bio page by default.

Staff members can also link their social network accounts to their staff page.

  • Network Id: Select Network from Drop Down Menu.
  • Username: Type in your username for site.


In order to add a Facebook account you must have created a Facebook username


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