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The Publishing Exporter is a Web-to-print integration tool built to export content from Ellington into InDesign. It was created to ease the manual process of content producers and copy-editors when posting content to various publishing systems. Much of the current process for editors includes copying and pasting stories from a word doc into the select publishing system. Most publishers use desktop publishing software to compose/organize/edit content and then send it to the print system. The Exporter allows the content to be composed in the web system and then automatically exported to InDesign.

The Ellington Export tools consist of two models found in the Publishing Application. These tools support the automated export of story content from Ellington to Adobe InDesign, a widely used desktop publishing software. The tools allow editors to pick story content, certain inlines, photos, obits, events, and polls for the export. Once they chose the selected content, it can be exported in IDML, ICML or IDMS formats.


This model stores the name of publication(s) used in Issues. The name can be added here or within the Issues Model.

Title: Create the name of the item you are publishing to in the Publishing model


The Issue model supports the following content types and inline types for export.

Content types: The story export will include the supported inline types.

  • Story
  • Obit
  • Event
  • Event time
  • Weblogs entry

Inline types: The following inlines will export as part of the story.

  • Photo
  • Poll
  • Recurring event
  • Event time
  • Publication: Select the name of the publication from the drop down, or use green plus sign to create a new one.
  • Name: Create a name for this export. Chose a number or name.
  • Print date: Select the date the Print publications is due.
  • Issue Items: Select the content that will be exported in this issue.
    1. Drop-Down Menu. Use the drop-down menu to select event, event time, story, poll, obit or weblog entry.
    2. Magnifying Glass Icon. Once the content type is selected, use the icon to open the content window and select the story, obit, or poll to export.
    3. Add another Issue. Use the green plus to add additional content items.

Once all content is selected, select ‘save and continue editing’ located at the lower left hand side of screen.

Scroll to the top of the page to select ‘Export for InDesign’ and begin export to download files to desktop.

There are three InDesign Export Options:

  • IDML InDesign Markup Language: Zip File with all content objects packaged together and a folder containing assets.
  • ICML InCopy Markup Language: File will contain each content object separately and include a folder of the assets.
  • IDMS InDesign Markup Snippets: File will contain each content object separately and include a folder of the assets.


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