Using the Photogalleries Application

The Photogalleries application allows for the creation of collections of photos , which can be organized in a specified order. Photo galleries can also be attached to related audio and organized into larger sets through the use of Gallery Sets.

The Photogalleries application as it appears in your site admin:

Click on the add button across from the Gallery photos model within the Photogalleries application.

  1. Select the Gallery you want the picture to appear within (if applicable).
  2. Upload the photo.
  3. Enter the number of seconds you want the picture to pause before it advances to the next photo (if applicable).
  4. Provide the order number you want this photo to appear within the gallery (if applicable).
  5. Click Save.

Click on the add button across from the Photo galleries model within the Photogalleries application.

1 Enter the Creation date (date & time)

  1. Enter the name of the new photo gallery.
  2. The Slug will automatically populate as you enter a name.
  3. Provide a blurb for the gallery (Optional).
  4. Check the Is Static box if this gallery is an ongoing gallery that isn’t tied to a specific date.
  5. Enter the custom template prefix if you have a custom template associated with this gallery.
  6. Enter the status of the gallery (Live, Draft, Deleted, Unreviewed).
  7. Select the gallery sets you want this gallery to appear within (if applicable).
  8. Select the categories and sites you want this new gallery to appear.
  9. Enter the audio information that’s attached to this gallery (if applicable).
  10. Upload the photos you want in this new photo gallery and the seconds to pause for each.
  11. Click Save.

You can go back to this gallery once it’s been saved and add new photos or reorder. New items must be saved before they can be reordered.


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