The Ellington NITF Validator

Ellington’s NITF Validator is a tool for you to test your xml output to verify it will easily import into Ellington’s database using the Daily Content Importer. Files run through the validator will not be imported into the Ellington database. Please see Ellington NITF XML Specification for more information on Ellington’s NITF Spec.

Once you have been given appropriate permission from a super admin within your organization, click here to use the NITF Validator.

You can upload either individual NITF documents (with a .xml extension) or a zip file of many NITF documents (maximum size 10Mb).

Files must really be XML or ZIP files. Do not drop XML code in a Word document as there are hidden character fields in Word documents that will fail the validator.


The result of clicking validate will look similar to this.


If all files conform to the NITF spec, the bar will be green and say “Pass”. In most cases a few files will fail to meet the specifications, and their tally will be displayed as above.

After updating a document, you will need to upload it to the validator a second time. Clicking validate multiple times will test the same version of a document.

If files fail to pass, a detailed output of each error will be depicted for each file below as well as the entire text of the file (seen by clicking show).


The fail detail has two potential outputs.

Fail: The test has rejected this portion of your file and it will not pass into Ellington’s database without error.

Skipped: Portions of an XML file are optional and will not cause an error whether they are present or not. Though those fields are not required, the stories may not work as intended if omitted. Users should fill in as much data as they meaningfully can fill in.


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