Using the Navigation Application

The Navigation Application provides an easy to use interface to manage the menus on your site. This application supports nested drop downs and unlimited menus.

Creating Menus

The first step in setting up your navigation is to create a menu for the navigation to appear in. To do so, press the Add Menu button in the top right of your screen from the Navigation >> Menu home screen.


Add Menu

On the next screen, give the menu a name and select which site(s) this menu will be available on. Once complete, press the SAVE button.

Add Menu

Adding Menu Items

After a menu has been created, you will need to add menu items to it. Menu items can be nested to provide drop downs and submenus on the site. There is no limit to the nesting levels for menu items. To begin, open up the mene you wish to add navigation items to. Select the "General" tab. Here you will see a list (if any exist) of navigation items. To create a new navigation item, press the Add Menu Link in the top right.

Add Menu Item

On the next screen, you can setup the menu item.  You can either type a Link URL in the Link url box manually, or skip this box and go down to the Content object box and select your preferred content type and then browse for a specific content item.

NOTE: Selecting a Content object and then also adding a Link url will cause the Link url to override the selected Content object selection.

Menu Item Details

Enter a Title for this item. The title will be the identifier used in template tags, and the main identifier here in the admin and will NOT be displayed to the end user or rendered on the frontend.

Next, enter a Label. The Label is what the end user will see on the frontend of the site (what the navigation item will be rendered as on the page).

By default a Parent ID is selected and defaults to the parent object, in this case the menu. If you wish for this item to reside under a different parent object, simply enter the parent object ID here.

Finally Order is a manual field where you can adjust the order of the item. (What order they appear on the site). Simply enter the numer corresponding to the order you wish it to appear. For instance, if you want this to be the third menu item, place a 3 in this box. In most cases, this can be left blank and the box will be filled in automatically.

When you are finished, press the Save button.

Modifying Existing Menu Items

If the need arises to modify or remove an existing menu item, open the desired menu, navigate to the General tab and then simply select the item you wish to modify. This will bring up the item's detail screen which is the same as the Add Menu Item screen above, only it has ll the necessary information already filled in. From this screen, you can modify whatever you need and then press Save.

Edit Menu Item

To delete a menu item, you can select the x in the actions column next to any navigation item.

Delete Menu Item

Adding Sub Menu (nested) Items

To add a nested sub menu item, select the + sign under the actions column next to any existing menu item.  This will take you to the Add Menu Item screen, but will have the correct parent object already selected for you.  Continue adding the sub menu items as you normally would and press Save.

Modify Menu Item

When you are done editing a menu and all the items contained within, press the Save button.

DO NOT press the delete button on the menu unless you are 100% positive that you want to remove this. This action is unrecoverable and will cause you to have to completely rebuild your menu.


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