Using The Mail Friend Application

This application contains data on e-mailed items sent from the Ellington Database. It is a place to review the data, but there is no need to create a mailed item.

The template designer enables the Mailfriends functions. The Mail icon appears on a story within Ellington, typically at the end of the story (see image below). Once a user E-mails content, the transaction is stored here. The data captured includes: Content type, Object ID, when it was emailed, and from which site.

  1. Go to the Mail Friend Application.
  2. Click on the Mailed Items
Mailed Items
  1. You can review each mailed item, but clicking directly on the content type, next to the name of the object.
Edit Mailed Item

Descriptions of the fields are as follows:

  1. Content type: Type of Content.
  2. Object id: The Id # of the select object.
  3. When Emailed: When Email was sent.
  4. Sites: The site the email was sent from.
  5. Select SAVE to save the data.


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