Using The Forums Application

Forums are an alternate view of comments that are located on the news site. This application organizes all of the forums listed on the public side, and makes them accessible by content type.

Add a Forum

  1. Go To Forums Module
  1. Go to Forums Application.
Forums List
  1. Click on the Add forum or "+" link.
Add Forum
  1. Content Type: Media type the comments are associated with.
  2. Title: Heading found on the Public side where the comments are displayed.
  3. Slug: Will auto-populate based on title.
  4. Description: Key in Forum Description to add in additional data on the forum site.
  5. Sites: The Site(s) forum to appear.
  6. Select the view on site button to review all comments made to this forum.

Open Forums and Threads

Open Forums are related to Threads. They can be created under the Open thread application. In addition a user can create an Open forum in the Thread Application.

Threads are “stand alone” bits of data that are not related to existing content like stories or photos. Threads are statements or questions, to which users can reply. A user can make a simple statement about the local music scene. An open forum could be titled Local Music Scene. This would then be the header on the page that contains the thread. The thread might be: “Our local Music scene rocks!” Public Users could then leave comments regarding this statement.

  1. Click on Add Open Forum or the "+" button.
Add Open Forum
  1. Title: The title of your open forum.
  2. Slug: Slug is auto-populated from the title.
  3. Description: Description of open forum.
  4. Verified only: mark this forum as for verified users only.
  5. Sites: Select site(s) you wish this open forum displayed.
  6. Click Save
  1. To Add A Thread click Add thread or the "+" button.
Add Thread
  1. Open Forum: Select the Open Forum you wish to link the thread.
  2. Subject: Key in Subject.
  3. Comment Status: Whether to enable or disable comments.
  4. Click Save


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