Using The Features Application

The Features application is designed to feature and archive highlighted editorial projects. By adding a story to a features object, you can highlight the story in a section front or as an inline.

The Features application as it appears in your site admin:


To find or view archived features, click on the Features model within the Features application. Enter the name of the feature in the search field provided, or peruse the list below.

Example of archived features:


To add a feature, click on the "Add feature" button or "+" button.

  1. Enter the title of the feature.
  2. Enter the url of the feature.
  3. Upload an image.
  4. Provide a description.
  5. Provide a start and end date the feature will appear.


Add Features
  1. Select from the available Sections you want the feature to appear.
  2. Select the sites you want the feature to appear.
  3. Click Save.


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