Using the External Profiles Applicaiton

The External Profiles Application is for setting up external social media, or website profiles for display on author and bio pages.

Adding a New Profile

To add a new profile, press the Add Profile button in the top right. This will present you with 3 fields. The first field allows you to name the profile anything you want. We recommend naming this field something descriptive, as this is what will show in drop-downs throughout the site. I.e. "Facebook".  

The second field will want you to add a URL schema. This will vary depending on the network being added but is typically just an example URL for the network. I.e.

This just needs to be any URL, the system just needs a reference of what these URLs should look like.

The last field is simply an identifier. Typically this is like a font-awesome icon or some other link to an icon to use in the templates.

When you are done adding information the profile, select save at the bottom at which point this new profile will be selectable throughout Ellington where External Profiles are used.

Update existing profiles

To edit existing profiles, simply select the desired profile from the applications main screen and edit any of the fields. When you are done press save at the bottom.


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