Using The External Feeds Application

External feeds allows for the inclusion of any type of external feed (RSS, ATOM, etc.) into a template.

Create a Feed¶

External Feeds

Click "+" next to the External feeds application.

Add Feed

Enter the name you will use to identify this feed and a valid url for the feed.

The URL must be a valid URL.

In this instance, We'll add a feed to the Lifehacker website.


The next step is to connect the feed to a section front, thus enabling it to be pulled into templates.

Add Feed to Section Front Options

  • Enter the section front options model and select the section front to which you would like to add a feed.
  • Select externalfeeds | externalfeeds as a Content Type.
  • The recommended Name and Identifier would be “Rss Feed” and “rss_feed”.
  • Once your options are set, you can add any feed to a section front at any time.
Section Front Option

Add Feed to Section Front

  • Select the desired Feed by inputing or searching for it's ID, and save your changes.
Section Front


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