Using The Contests Application

Contests are an excellent way to drive people to your site and encourage user interaction with your website. The CSV printout is also an excellent method of gathering information about your users and what they want, both for you and also for your business owners. Contests use the framework of dynamic forms to build interactive questionnaires for front-end users. It is a four-step process to build and conduct a contest:

  1. Build fields
  2. Combine fields into a form
  3. Pull the form into a contest
  4. Pull the data into a spreadsheet to select your winner

In order to create a contest, you must first create the necessary form in the Dynamic Forms Application. If you have not done this already, you will have the opportunity to when creating the contest below.


To add a Contest, click the "+" sign to the right of the contests application.

  1. Enter the Title of your contest, notice the Slug generates automatically.
  2. Select the Start and Stop Date for your contest. After the stop date, users will not see the page on your site.
  3. Add a Description. This will appear at the top of your contest form.
  4. Success Description: When a user submits a contest entry, they will be displayed this text.
  5. Form: Select the corresponding form you would like to use for your contest or create one directly from this page by pressing the green plus sign. (If you have not yet created a for, click the "+" next to this field to create a form now.

Save your progress and the contest is thus created and ready to go! The contest will be visible with this URL type. http://yourURL/contests/contest-slug-you-created

Retrieving Contest Data

Entry data can be retrieved regarding any contest by clicking on the CSV Export button in the contestsapplication. An excel file will be downloaded to your computer with all the collected data from your submissions.

The file will be downloaded to your computer labeled as “the-name-of-your-form_data.csv” You can open this file with any Excel-type office program. In this example, our form’s title is “basic content form”. Each Field from the Form is broken down into a column in the spreadsheet. This is an excellent method of collecting demographical data about your users for your personal use or also for your business’ use.


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