Using The Chats Application

A chat is an application that allows a moderator to set up a “talk” about a specific subject. The moderator will be given a specific log in to host the Chat and answer question about the topic. Users will be able to submit questions in response to the topic. Chats are created in the Admin area of the software. A user name and password are set up for the moderator.

Chat Types

  1. Click on Chat Types Applications link.
  2. Click on the Add chat type icon.
    1. Title: Key in title of Chat
    2. Slug: Will auto populate based on Chat
    3. Long Description: Key in Description. HTML is allowed.
    4. Sites: Hold “control,” or “command” on a Mac, to select more than one.


  1. Click on Chats Application
  2. Click on Add chat link.
    1. Date/Time Chat starts: Select Time and Date from Time Date Icons.
    2. Chat Type: Pull from list created in Chat Type Application
    3. Chatee’s Name: Enter name
    4. Chat Headline: Enter Headline
    5. Slug: Slug will auto populate from Chatee’s name field.
    6. Description: Description of the chat content.
    7. Photo: upload from Ellington photo gallery
    8. Is open for Questions: Check to allow questions from public
    9. User name for the Chat participant: Type in user name
    10. Password for the chat participant: Leave blank, will auto-populate after you save. HINT the field may populate with previous password if you have auto fill on. Make sure you delete that prior to saving.
    11. Sites: Assign to sites you wish to display this chat on.

The Moderator sees the above information and gives the Username and Password to all selected attendees along with the link to the meeting.


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