Using The Answers Application

Answers Feature is a user forum, which allows users to discuss local topics like shopping and other selected Categories or Sets designated by the Accounts Manager.

The Application is much like our current Polls Application. The Public Users on the System will mainly create the questions. However, as you begin using this Application, the Account Manager may want to generate some initial questions to get the public involved and also to populate the page with some data, so it is not a blank canvas.

It will be important that the Account Manager first create Question Sets. This is the framework that will allow the questions to be organized by certain Categories, or Question Sets. The Creation of Question sets are managed in the Answers Application in the Admin Panel.

In order for the Answers Application to be viewable on the site, your designer will need to pull the information, using template tags, to the section you wish it displayed on. The URL will be:

Public View

Create Question

  • Logged in Users can submit questions by clicking on the name of the category first.
  • When they do, Form appears to Add Question.

Title: Put in a title of the Question. It will appear as a Blue Heading.

Question: Type in the Question. I will appear under the heading.

Recent Questions: Sorting is allowed by;

  • All-View of all questions.
  • Featured-Selected by Is Featured check box in Admin.
  • Answered-Question has Author’s Accepted Answer approval.
  • With Answers-Has answers, but Author has not approved one.
  • Without Answers-No answers supplied yet.

Additional Sorting:

  • Category: Public users can also select a Category first, and then filter using the Recent Questions filter.
  • Questions Sort: Once Answers are submitted, a user can click on a Question to see display of answers and sort by Most Recent and Most Popular.
  • Accepted Answer is selected by the creator of the question.
    • Public users can also express their “Thumbs Up” or “Thumbs” down to and answer by clicking on the little arrow icons.
  • Categories: This is a list of Question Sets established in Admin Panel.
    • Logged in Users can submit questions by clicking on the name of the category first.
    • When they do, a form appears to Add Question.

Admin View

Go to the Answers Application to set up answers.

Question Sets

Question set must be created first. Questions cannot be created until there is a question set to choose from.

  • This is a view of all Category/Question Sets in the database.
  • Click on the name of the Set to make any edits.
  • To add new Set, click on the Add Question Set button at the top.
  • Title: Key it title of Set.
  • Slug: Will auto populate based on Title, do not change.
  • Categories: Select the Categories this Set belongs for Future Feature options.
  • Sites: Select the display site for this Set.


  • List of all Questions in the database.
  • Click on Title of Question to make edits/ view all assigned answers.
  • You can also edit it to make a user’s question viewable under the Featured Sort tab on Public Q & A by clicking Is Featured check box.
  • Create new question by clicking the ADD Question button at the top.

General Tab

  • Question Set-Select Set from pull down/ or green plus icon.
  • User-Select owner of question by using search icon.
  • Title-Key in Question Title.
  • Slug-Will auto populate based on Title.
  • Content-Question information.
  • Is Featured-Select to have this question pull under the Featured Sort tab.

Advanced Options Tab

  • Creation date-When was question created.
  • Updated date-When was question updated.

Answers Tab

  • Answer-Create answer in admin.
  • User-Search for owner of answer.
  • Content-Key in answer data.
  • Is accepted-Creator of questions selected the accepted answer.
  • Accepted by Staff-Staff member selects the accepted answer.
  • Score-How many users ‘Approved’ answer.


  • This data is a display of all answers in the database.
  • Users can filter by “Is Accepted-Yes/No” and also update Dates seen in the grey filter task bar to the right.
  • Answers can be accepted here, by clicking on the Question Title, Review Answer and select “Is Accepted“ check box.
  • User can add and Answer from back end by clicking the ADD Answer button in the upper right hand corner of screen.

General Tab

  • Questions: Select question from drop down, or add using green plus.
  • User: Use Icon to find a select user in database
  • Content: Add Content.
  • Is Accepted: Check is accepted, if accepted answer.
  • Accepted by Staff: Staff member selects the accepted answer.

Advanced Tab

  • Creation Date: The date the 
  • Updated Date: The date the item was updated.



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