Using The Anonymity Application

Verified Users

The Anonymity application is designed to allow site administrators to capture identifying information from end users prior to letting them make comments on the site.

Users must provide their identity with the site administrator through a mail form, in exchange for providing their real name to be stored in the site admin. Many users prefer to use a fake name when posting comments in order to protect their privacy. If you set your site comments as ‘verified’, then end users have to register on your site and wait for a confirmation from site administrators in order for their comments to appear. This verification process is a manual process performed by your staff. This can be set up site wide or done on the story object for select stories. 

You may choose to use Ellington Moderation instead of Anonymity to monitor commenting on your site. The Anonymity application however will allow you to capture first and last names of users. The end user can choose to use their real name or a pseudonymous when posting comments.

The Anonymity application as it appears in your site admin:

When a user registers on your site, Ellington’s default functionality does not require them to fill out the anonymity form (seen below). You will need to direct users towards this form or expose it in your templates.

The anonymity form

You may need to work with your designer to activate this view on your site.

Once a user enters their registration information, your site administrator can view the entry in the admin, then approve or reject the registration. Some Administrators go as far as calling and interviewing users.


Be VERY CAREFUL and DO NOT edit/change any existing anonymity information.

To Verify check the “verify” check box and save the page.

  • Users will receive a confirmation email.

To Reject, fill out the reason for not accepting the user and click save.

  • Users will receive a rejection e-mail which includes the reason you gave.

Verified Comments

Comments on individual stories can be set as verified, even if your site is not set up to use verified commenting by users. This can be done on the story object as seen in this image:

If the story object is set to ‘verified’ then logged in users will see the following message.

The link will take them to the Anonymity form.


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